Member Announcements Editorial Policy

All announcements placed on the ISEPS website must meet the following important qualifications and conditions:

  1. Although ISEPS makes reasonable efforts to screen postings that it publishes, the Illinois Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons assumes no liability for the content of announcements or the accuracy of information contained in an announcement submitted by a member.  Questions about specific postings should be submitted directly to the author of the posting.
  2. ISEPS reserves the right to decline to publish a posting for any reason.
  3. Postings regarding clinical trials or research projects will be considered only if there is IRB approval.
  4. All announcements must be submitted using the online form.  Any submission sent by regular email will be rejected.
  5. Every announcement must have the name, phone number and email address of a responsible contact person who can respond to inquiries from readers.
  6. We will not review your posting for misspelled words or grammar.  In most cases, we will post exactly what you submit.
  7. ISEPS reserves the right to edit any announcements we determine are too long, as well as to ask the author for changes or clarifications before posting.
  8. We will make every effort to publish your announcement within three business days of submission, but this is not guaranteed.  The specific posting date is subject to workload and availability of the website editors.  Accordingly, we recommend that items with a tight deadline not be submitted.
  9. The announcements page will be promoted periodically to the membership.  ISEPS will not, however, send a blast email concerning any one specific posting.
  10. The member announcements page is not a job posting service.  Job openings or those seeking positions should go to the ISEPS career center.  However, we will consider posting positions such as short-term internships, volunteer opportunities or research assistants at the sole discretion of the ISEPS website editor.


Last Updated on Thursday, April 03, 2014 09:02 AM