ISEPS Policies

The following policies and procedures have been adopted by the Society's board of directors.  Individuals with questions about these policies may contact the ISEPS administrative office at:

     Illinois Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons
     10 W. Phillip Rd., Suite 120
     Vernon Hills, IL  60061-1730
     P:  847-680-1666
     F:  847-680-1682
     E:  [email protected]

  • Privacy Policy -- Outlines the Society's approach to maintaining the privacy of information it collects from its members and other visitors when using the Society's website.
  • Avoidance of Antitrust Violations -- The Society is committed to functioning within the constraints of the federal antitrust laws, as well as any other state or local laws that apply to anticompetitive conduct.
  • Travel Reimbursement -- From time to time, the Society pays for or reimburses individuals who participate in programs and projects of the organization.  This document outlines the parameters for these payments.
  • Sexual Harassment -- Outlines the intent of the ISEPS sexual harassment policy, provides definitions of possible violations, and states the procedures for reporting an alleged violation of the policy.  Also assigns responsibility for implementing the policy, including potential remedies, as well as instances when a false report of a violation is knowingly submitted.
  • Board Members Acting as a Spokesperson -- The ISEPS Bylaws specify rules governing behavior when an officer or director represents the Society in an official capacity.

ISEPS Bylaws

Download the current ISEPS bylaws (PDF document) -- CLICK HERE


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