ISEPS Presidents

The Illinois Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons is proud of the physician leaders that have contributed to the success of the organization over the years.  We are happy to recognize the following ophthalmologists who have served as president of the Illinois Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons.

1970  Frank Kresca, MD (1st President) 1990  Bernard Gawne, MD 2010  James F. Kapustiak, MD
1971  Frank Kresca, MD 1991  Gary V. Rubin, MD 2011  Chris Albanis, MD
1972  Burton M. Krimmer, MD 1992  Gary V. Rubin, MD 2012  Chris Albanis, MD
1973  Lawrence J. Lawson, Jr., MD 1993  Gary V. Rubin, MD 2013 Balaji Gupta, MD
1974  M. Byron Weisbaum, MD 1994  Norbert M. Becker, MD 2014  Balaji Gupta, MD
1975  C.W. Mullenix, MD 1995  Norbert M. Becker, MD 2015  Balaji Gupta, MD
1976  Robert B. Baller, MD 1996  John P. Hanlon, MD 2016  Balaji Gupta, MD
1977  Warren W. Kraft, MD 1997  John P. Hanlon, MD 2017 Sohail Hasan MD PhD
1978  Carl Garfinkle, MD 1998  Robert O. Graham, MD 2018 Sohail Hasan MD PhD
1979  Joel Kaplan, MD 1999  Robert O. Graham, MD 2019 Sohail Hasan MD PhD
1980  Frank Snell, MD 2000  Daniel R. Greenberg, MD 2020 Sohail Hasan MD PhD
1981  Ronald C. May, MD 2001  Daniel R. Greenberg, MD    
1982  Stephen Vile, MD 2002  Tamara R. Fountain, MD    
1983  Stephen Vile, MD 2003  Tamara R. Fountain, MD    
1984  Oksana Mensheha, MD 2004  Tamara R. Fountain, MD    
1985  Oksana Mensheha, MD  2005  Dianne Ross, MD    
1986  Merrill H. Greenberger, MD 2006  Dianne Ross, MD    
1987  Merrill H. Greenberger, MD  2007  Pete A. Lagouros, MD    
1988  Bernard Gawne, MD 2008  James F. Kapustiak, MD    
1989  Bernard Gawne, MD 2009  James F. Kapustiak, MD    


ISEPS Past-presidents - pictured left to right:  Gary Rubin, MD; Pete Lagouros, MD; Oksana Mensheha, MD; Norbert Becker, MD; Chris Albanis, MD; Frank Kresca, MD (first president); Bob Graham, MD; John Hanlon, MD; Jim Kapustiak, MD; Ron May, MD